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Journey Church’s worship ministry exists to move people on a simply journey towards Jesus. We do this through utilizing the gifts and talent’s of God’s people within His church. We seek to express God’s love with all that we are, and lead others into a meaningful encounter with their Creator. We believe it is through this personal relationship with Jesus, that we as people see transformation in our lives and the lives of those around us.

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There are two main branches of the worship ministry that form the worship team on Sunday mornings here at Journey: Music & Production. Together these two branches form the worship team which seeks to move people on a simply journey toward Jesus, every week here at Journey Church. As we move people towards Jesus, we want others to come alongside us. We value excellence and authenticity in our public and private lives and strive to see ourselves as God sees us. We seek to humbly work to reflect the love of Jesus in everything we do together as a team. If this sounds like a team you’d be interested in joining, we’re excited to begin that process with you!



Our Vocalists express God’s hope by engaging the people in our services with the message of the songs we sing. We seek to reflect God’s love for us through the words we sing together. We are seeking people who are passionate about communicating God’s truth through song. If you have a heart for connecting people with their Savior in song, please click the button below to get you’re audition process started!


Our Instrumentalists create expressive and moving melodies that prepare people’s hearts to be receptive to the message of the Gospel. We engage the listener through music that impacts their attitude and alters their perspective to better see God’s love.  If you’d like to be part of creating music that draws people into a personal relationship with Jesus, click the button below to get you’re audition process started!



Our Audio Technicians shape and support the testimony of musicians and vocalists to the truth of the Gospel. We work closely with the worship leader to meet the worship team’s needs, while serving alongside the visual technician. We hone the message of the Gospel proclaimed by the musicians, and speakers, to create the greatest impact on those in the service.  We build the mix of instrument’s and vocalist’s sounds that are heard in the room during service, and adjust microphones for the speaker on stage. Click the button below if you’re interested in ensuring that the message of Jesus is proclaimed clearly!


Our Visual Technicians carry the message of God’s truth into the hearts of those attending our services, in a cohesive and powerful way. We operate up to two computers and execute a script of lighting cues during the service.  One computer runs ProPresenter to display lyrics, message graphics, images, and another for selecting camera shots, for display within the venue and online. We partner with every aspect of the service to clearly communicate the message of the Gospel in the minds and hearts of those worshiping at Journey Church. Click the button below if you’re interested in creating an immersive experience where the lost can be found in Christ!

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Dan Prout is the Worship Minister at Journey Church in Versailles, Kentucky.

Phone: 859-873-7421