Rebranding Story

Journey Church officially began in 1998 when two churches were merged to form Woodford Community Christian Church. In 2003, WCCC moved to the new property at 320 Hope Lane and also discussed a name change at that time, but ultimately felt like it was not the right time yet.

Since 2011, the leaders and elders focused the church’s Mission Statement to “Moving people on a simple journey toward Jesus.” The rebranding and renaming of the church became a natural way to help define who we are and what our vision is, as well as create a simple and easy to communicate name and brand within our community. Ultimately, Journey Church launched its new name and logo on April 24, 2016.


Why is a name and a brand important? It is always the first way to cast vision to people in our community. The name should be short and concise, and not limited to a geographical or exclusive demographic.

What does a church’s name say to people who do not know anything about it? A name gives a church an identity. The right name would allow us to tell our church’s story and our story, just by telling them the name of our church.

What do we want people to know about us? A fitting name should tell people, inside and out, what we are about. In the Bible, God frequently changed people’s names when they took on a new mission- Abram to Abraham, Simon to Peter, Saul to Paul.

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